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junz aka. Hei Ryung Choi x Emiko Aburakoji 안녕!HELLO! I'm a HAPPY girl. I ♥ to SLEEP! zzz~~maybe i'm a pig in my past life. I ♥ EATING!!! Kimchi noodle! TOM YAM NOODLE! I ♥ my MUM'S COOKING cos it is de most heartwarming & best food! I ♥ listening to songs!I ♥ SHINee(샤이니)!Taemin♥!Jiyong♥! BIG BANG! I ♥ Baking! I ♥ tavelling! KOREA! I ♥ to LAUGH OUT LOUD...although many say is disgusting...haha! I ♥ to BUY THINGS! I ♥ to STUDY cos i born in 2 JAN (like real?!) haha!

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I'm officially an adult!
2012/01/299:18 PM
Yoyo everybody! I'm back blogging AGAIN! Like finally right? Haha! And, I'm 21. Unbelievable right? Haha! This is how time flies. I'm grateful for receiving so many loves and wishes from my family and friends:) thank lots! Haha! I had a wonderful time on my big day. This year certainly will be an eventful one with lots of 21st birthday parties. Haha! So far, i attended two. Mushroom and xinlei:) just attended xinlei's 21st yesterday haha! Got to meet some sec school mates but not forgetting my E5 classmates!:) i had not been seeing them since we last graduated from secondary school, it's had been 4 years already! Perhaps one of the reasons is that most of them admitted to ngee ann poly instead of singapore poly haha! Anyway, I had been working for about 8 months and soon it will be my 9th month! Wow! Sometime, I think that working is better. Maybe because there's no exams and homework and on top of that, there's money? Haha yet I really miss those school times when we play, eat, study,laugh together :( life still ongoing and perhaps I need to start planning for my future already. It's time to save money for my uni haha! This CNY is really a bored one. But thankfully, I still had my bak gua. Keke! Hopefully, a better CNY next year bah haha! I really want to travel to Korea ! Hope this could be fulfilled this year! P.s: I got my iPhone already! At least, there's something to cure my boredom! Haha! But sadly, my laptop dead on me and all my things are still inside..hopefully all can be retrieved back!
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2011/11/0511:16 PM
OK my post title is no link to what i'm going to post LOL! (I can't think of any title haha!)

22 to 25 oct-- Bangkok!

Thankfully, there's no flood during my trip and the weather is especially good!~ Heng ar!
(Papa told me and mama this before we left for Bangkok: 我去泰国太阳confirm 出来de)
Well, initially, we laughed it off but so true! It's happened! haha!

Really shop till drop! $ no enough! The clothes there are so cheap and of good quality:) but there's not much shops selling shoes and bags (backpacks)..maybe I haven comb all the shops bah..hmmm
Not to miss out my fav-Tom yam! Oysters there are totally fresh!!! OMG!!! NICE! Mango and dragonfruit fruit juice is just too nice to describe (papa's creation)! Love it!

There's a lot of channels in Thailand's tv. There's even KBS World! Cool! And K Pop songs could be heard in shopping malls haha! Tonight~~~Tonight~~~Tonight~~~Tonight~~~

Overall, a fulfilling and happy trip with papa & mama:) yay! Pa and ma were satisfied with their trip..they can't stop talking about it haha:)

Let's pray that this flood thingy gonna end soon.

So what's next? Korea! ^^(hopefully)

4 Nov- Ah Q's birthday celebration!:)

Went for steamboat but I din eat much haha! Since when we got to gather together as 7.
Finally, yesterday was a awesome day! We're back to 7!

Meeting up soon again for....keke!*shhhhhh*
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2011/10/1512:49 AM

A amazing and great video!!!!!

Grandfathers and grannies singing K-POP hit songs:)

They sang:

1) 2NE1- I don't care

2) SNSD- Genie

3) IU & Seulong- Nagging

4) 2PM- Heartbeat

5) SHINee- Ring Ding Dong

6) Secret- Shy boy

7) G-Dragon- Heartbreaker

8) 2AM- Can't let you go even if i die

They deserved a BIG round of applause!!!^^ *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

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it's almost 1 month...
2011/09/253:53 PM
I believe my blog is going to rot sooner or later haha! It had been almost one month since my last post. How time files...

Just a quick update on some BIG event or rather something that I still remembered hahaha!

10 Sept (sat)- SHINee Concert! Gosh!^^
What I can say is that $221 is definately worthwhile, although it's just a two hours and 30mins show. I know to some of you..I'm insane to say this. haha!

I could see them so CLEARLY! OMG!

Not forgetting their super nice songs! I liked the feel and atmosphere that the concert is starting...it's so cool & everybody went crazy and all of us were HIGH-ing with the official lightsticks! Luckily I still have my voice the next day. But I just feel that there could be more interactions haha! I knew i'm greedy but I'm satifised and contented afterall:).

Thank ah Q, xl and js for helping to queue:) since I'm working on that day:(

17 Sept( sat)-Meet up with doink-yiting! with SORE thoat:(
we intend to do some windows-shopping but failed. haha!
Went to eat cold stone! NICE! BANANA FLAVOUR de..keke!^^
Thank for her tips to plan my itinerary for my Bangkok trip!:)
Await for her timetable to be out and here come our next meet-up! k-box! gogogo~!

18 Sept (sun)- Meet up with dodo! with SORE thoat again:(
Meet up to attend a festival at Swiss club. There's buffet!!! Overall, the food is quite nice and there's lot of angmohs. haha! oh ya! not forgetting a nice angmoh lady who offered us a FREE ride to the main road!:) After which, we proceed to causeway point for movie! The smurfs! so CUTE! ^^
My condition gets worse...sore thoat + flu:(

20 Sept (tue)- Took half-day leave to see doctor cos cannot tahan anymore le!:(

23 Sept (fri)- Meet up with ah zhen for dinner!!!:) long time no see!
Happily playing her iphone hahaha!!! && we were busily trying the different camera modes to take pics so fun! I want to get iphone too! haha! I realised my face is so BIG! OMG! I want a 'V-shaped' face! LOL! A happy chit-chat session with her:) Looking forward to our next meet-up on thur!!!

24 Sept (sat)- Meet up with dodo, bin hui, jerome and tian haw!!!:)
finally got to see the three botak guys! hahaha! They became tanned and slimmer haha! tian haw still have his white-ness haha!..maybe he'll became darker when I meet him next time haha! I got the urge to go army for 2 days after seeing bin hui's face haha! cos his face is so 'V-shaped' LOLLL!!! Tian haw went off earlier and the rest of us walk here and there and we decided to proceed to cck for movie-fright night..it's a horror cum comedy movie..quite scary sometimes yet quite lame haha! The audience is pathetic de 少 haha!!!
Afterall, a nice chit-chat session with them:)

Shoutout to dodo: TAKE EXTRA CARE of ur legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember to hold on to something when taking train or any other transportation. Don't let history repeat iteslf because of some irritating inseparable couples hahaha!
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2011/08/0211:18 PM
It had been almost 3 weeks since i last updated my blog..hope it still alive haha!

can't really recall events happen for the past two weeks...

22 JULY(Fri)- NO WORK! Heading to Langkawi!
Meet up with ah Q first before meeting the rest at the airport.
Had our breakfast first before boarding the plane.
The sky is dark and dizzling but fortunately there's no rain when we arrived at Langkawi..heng ar!
First of all, we went to rent a car and book our island hopping tour.
Dodo is our driver for the day. (Not 1 day but for 4 days!) steady ar! (Pitiful dodo can't sleep as she need to drive) haha! thank dodo for driving us!^^

After which, we arrived at our hotel- Bella Vista Hotel.
There's no air con at its lobby perhaps bacause it is located next to the sea..no need air con since there's free sea air haha! The room still not bad..though the tv channels is really limited.

Lunch-ed at Marybrown..hmm...not really nice.

Proceed to see the icon of Langkawi- Eagle statue...
I remembered taking photo with the statue 'N'-years ago..when i'm still a young girl haha!
Then go tour the Legend park..nothing much.

23 JULY(Sat)- Went to take the cable car! really pretty scenery!:)
the air on top is so refreshing and cooling! love it:)

me and dodo actually carry a snake on our necks!!! wow!!! A great and thrilling experience! haha! It feels so gross when the snake start to twist its body haha!

After which, proceed to see the Seven wells (?) waterfall.
A flight of stairs waiting for us to climb...it's so tiring!!! really need to exercise more le
but sad to say, we only manage to climb halfway so did not manage to see the waterfall.
However, there's still a smaller version waterfall. haha!

My eyes feel like closing le..to be continued...

P.s: Got the ticket to SHINee's concert!^^v so happy!!!
I think i'm getting suay and suay-er...
Work is never ending..and my energy is draining................................................................................
Problems coming one by one...........................................................haix................................................
Hope every 'tomorrow' will be a better and good one! Fighting!~~~

Jiejie should be on plane...on her way to Japan...take care!!!:) Bon voyage!!!:)
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why can't money and time be more than enough?
2011/07/097:04 PM
Updates again!

5 JULY (Tue)- Celebration of Orh's Birthday! Meet up with Saigons at Tanjong Pagar for Korean BBQ at 2D1N Soju Bang korean restaurant..but the restaurant is so packed! So we decided to find other place for dinner..fortunately we managed to find 1 restaurant where it provide BBQ service too and the price is reasonable! $20/person! Unlimited meat!!!:) WOW!!! but one bad thing I don't like about BBQ is that my bag and myself were stinky! Oh ya! forgot the name of the restaurant le=.=

thanks Chef Lee for grilling the meat and stuffs most of the times! haha!! and thanks chef lee, ah Q and dodo for giving me lots of meat!!! keke!

Mushroom and yu zhen left first after our fulfilling dinner. So the rest of us walk and walk and walk until we are at the Central! haha! A good workout after dinner. haha! Wanted to eat beancurd but it is nowhere to be found!:(

We headed home after having our ice cream.

But got to eat my beancurd the next day! keke!

7 JULY (Thur)- Meet up with sis and mama!:) It's shabu shabu time! Nice dinner but not full though. haha!

8 JULY (Fri)- Meet up with ah Q and dodo at ps for dinner and movie! Dined at Fruit Paradise and had my clam spaghetti!:) Quite a big portion and there's 16 clams in total and countless mushroom LOL!!! and just add $4 for their fruit tart (original price range between 5 to 7 bucks if I'm not wrong).

And, it's time for Transformers: Dark of the Moon! Love the fights haha! There's lots of actions involved! Cool Optimus!

BUT I like Bumble Bee more!:) hahahaha! Cuteee:)

P.s: Seriously I had to work more OT to make my bank richer! Fighting!!!!!!
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Blog blog blog again~
2011/07/035:22 PM
it had been 2 weeks! wow!

25 June (sat)- met up with ah q, dodo and mushroom at orchard. had fun shopping at flea market AGAIN. haha! brought one 'bling bling' star ring at 3 bucks ONLY. good deal keke! shall shop there again haha! BIG flow of $$ out of my wallet. Gosh! Gonna save up!

26 June (sun)- Finally, it's USS time! Revenge of mummy! It's a ride that u can't miss. it's FUN and UNEXCEPTED surprise. haha! sad to say I did not get to play Battlestar because no one is accommpanying me:( but I shall conquer it one day hehe!:) I met Kungfu Panda!!!:) so cute:)

2 Jul (sat)- celebration of jerome 's 21st belated birthday. Met up with th first after work and head down to concorde hotel to meet up with aiyoyo, jm, bh, jerome, sx and ys for buffet! haha! then walk here and there, met up with doink. After which, proceed to Scape! It's game time! Have fun playing board game haha! UGLY UGLY UGLY! *shout till my throat hurts* but it's not me only hahahaha!!!

thank doink for the elephant pouch and ring brought from Thailand:)

P.s: I want go to the Korean wave concert this fri!:( but I'm just not lucky enough to win the tickets*sobs*
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Movie time again!
2011/06/193:21 PM
16 JUNE (Thur)- Meet up with pei zhen to watch super 8! thank to her safra card, we got our tickets at $7 each:) personally, I think that the movie is good in some way but bad in another way too. haha! I don't like the ending.

18 JUNE (Yesterday)- Meet up with mushroom and doink at orchard. Yes! I managed to save money, thank to the 'little' discounts offered. lol! Shopped at Far East Plaza and saw one leopard-printed backpack! but damn ex! $39.90! Gosh! && I saw a very pretty down jacket at Winter Time!:) It's in a cool colour-Black! With a soft furry hoodie & there's 20% discount! but currently on a tight budget so 'NO BUYING':(

Yay! Gonna get my pay soon!!!:)

USS HERE I COME! on Sun!:)

Happy Papa's day!!!:)

P.s. Please don't make a fool of me, my leg.

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I really have to curb my spending!
2011/06/121:45 PM
8 JUNE (wed)- It's doink's birthday! meet up with ai yo yo, daphne, eileen, wj, jm, bh, th, jerome and ys at bugis. Dined at Pornsak's restaurant! Ordered noodle in egg..quite nice but a bit bland haha! I preferred a stronger flavour keke! Their green curry is nice..gonna try out next time!:) && tom yam soup! It's damn spicy! I got choked and my face turned damn red but tian haw worse than me hahahaha!!

We got a 'surprise' from the staff there. haha!

We asked to take out the cake..and.............................................

They took out the cake without opening up..packaging is not opened and no candles is lit up.

well...that's quite a 'new' method to surprise others.

Have our second round at a dessert store! Ordered cold '雪蛤' dessert. NICE! but ex! $8.50.

9 JUNE (thur)- it's movie time! Meet up with dodo, ah q, bh and jerome to watch X-MEN First Class! NICE movie! Shared the same sentiments as dodo..the movie really tempted me to watch their previous X-Men series haha!!! but our seat are not that ideal..second row..shall buy the tickets earlier next time to have a better seat! haha!

Dined at Pasta Mania. Then, headed to Cafe Cartel to have dessert! haha!

11 JUNE (Yesterday)- It's movie time again! meet up with ah q, dodo and bh early in the morning again to watch Pirates of Carribean 4. quite nice but X-Men nicer. haha!

Lunch-ed at 'umm hmm' place at cineleisure. Forgot the name le haha! the food quite nice and the price is reasonable!:)

And finally, we have discussed and decided on our Langkawi trip! the air ticket and etc...

Shopped at the flea market at Scape! the stuff there is cheap! Gonna go there again!!! haha!

P.S: I finally managed to buy our air tickets from AirAsia after *countless* attempts! yay!:)

oh ya! Finally brought an oven! But it's too big LOL!
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I need more money!
2011/06/055:01 PM
Finally, I got a chance to slack a bit. Had been busying working..Zzzz
Can't really recall some of the happenings but I shall slowly recover keke:)

First of all, I got my first pay! Woohoo!~~~:)

25 MAY! It's a very important and meaningful day for me! Why???!!!
Because it's my graduation day!:)
and it's a day which means I have officially ended my poly life:(

HAPPY HAPPY! My papa and mama were there to watch me on stage graduating! and not forgetting my sis and bro:) thanks to sis for the pretty sunflower!:)

I had been sweating a lot on that day..busying finding friends and taking photos while wearing that thick graduation robe but it's worthwhile!:) Memories had been taken!:)

Thanks dodo for lending me her polariod!:) and helping to take pics!:)

after which, I joined ai yoyo they all (ah orh, daphne, binhui, tian haw, jiamin, elieen, shu xian, jerome, lily, jin yi and yong seng) to eat dinner!:) at clementi mall!
nice tom yam noodle! chit-chat here and there!

26 May! It's really a tiring day for me! because I have to go to the production site to do tests and I'm sweating like crazy...it's hot and humid inside!

Meet up with ai yoyo they all (daphne, bh, th, elieen, shu xian, jerome, lily) again for movie! Kungfu Panda 2! Sooooooo NICE and FUNNY!
and little panda was so cute!:)* Thumbs Up*

27 MAY! It's not TGIF for me! Because I have to work my first OT! 4 hours! till about 9.30pm! more money but tired haha!

Got to cab home and free OT meal coupon! BUT the cab driver is damn rude! WTF!=.=

E-voucher is money meh! Stupid!

My blood is boiling whenever I thought of his attitude! Argh!

30 MAY! It's OT time again!:( But got to meet up with my sec sch friends after work!:)chit-chat session is fun! and hope to meet up soon again~!

1 June! OT here it come!

3 June (fri)! Meet up with ah Q, dodo, ah orh, jiao shou and binhui to return graduation robe:) initally, we planned to watch movie after returning the robe but not enough time.

So we decided to eat dinner only! Decided to dine at cafe cartel..and we have waited for about 1 hour! damn hungry! but the pork ribs not expectedly nice haha! chatted for dunno how long but have a nice time laughing~~! hahahaha!!!

4 June (yesterday)! It's a disaster day for me! I had a BIG hole burned in my pocket! really spent a lot! about 200 bucks~ but I got to buy a pretty and nice luggage! good deal! So I have decided to spent during GSS period and stop after that. haha! I want go shopping again!:)

Oh ya! Saw Anita at somerset 313!:)

Looking forward for our graduation trip to Malaysia! I want go beach!:) to see the crystal clear water!

P.s: going out after work this week again! haha! more money gonna 'flow'out again~

Gonna work hard! more OT!$$$!

OHHH! I got to go USS for free on 26 June!!! Woohoo!!!

I want buy oven!!!!!:)

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Busy Busy Busy~~~
2011/05/158:09 PM
Met up with ah q on fri to take our graduation gown..it's an adventurous trip for both of us! haha! because the place is so wulu lor=='''! we risked our life by jay walking hahahaha!!! & finally reached the destination after about 20 minutes had passed, where we could actually take a 5min walk from potong pasir mrt station LOL! but now we knew the short-cut way already, so next time we can easily find our way there with not much effort..thank to an uncle:)

Went to JB on sat with family:) BUT!!! The waiting time is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG!
We actually waited for about 3 hours!!! OMG!!! damn many people and thank to the people who anyhow queue up...where there are 3 lanes for 1 counter WTH!!! and the people working there is taking their own sweet time!=.=! & personally, I think that the new system is really su*ks..it's slowing down the check-in time!

We went to KSL city to have our long-waited lunch cum dinner....at a very nice restaurant!! It's a Japanese shabu shabu restaurant:) the atmosphere there is so nice!!!:) && the price of the food there is also quite reasonable and the plus point of the restaurant is that the service is good!:)
after which, went shopping for about 2 hours...ate banana chocolate crepe & milo milk crepe!:)
& lots more!

Luckily, the queue back to Singapore is not that bad.

Finally, got to watch movie again with sis today!:) THOR!

Gonna watch Gantz and Priest!!!:) Lots of nice movies coming up!:)

came across this video randomly & unexpectedly funny! haha! GD's expression is priceless! & he's so cute with that hairstyle!:) keke!

p.s: have to work tomorrow! sianz.....but thankfully, tuesday is Vesak day! yay!
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2011/05/129:04 PM
yoyo ppl! I'm back updating again!:) It has been 2 weeks since I started on my new job! How times flew! Well...e job is like routine so it's kinda boring LOL! I'm slowly used to the pace and learning new things everyday...ok i shall not talk to much on my job...if anyone interested in finding out more, please kindly ask me if we get to meet up. HAHA!

ytd, it's a 'WOW' day for me! definitely is not with regard to my job. keke!
I went to USS!!! Thank to my jiejie!!!:p
BUT...........................................................Only went for 1 ride.
HAHA! Is a NEW ride opeing soon in 16 May!

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure!
It's actually an indoor flume ride..last about 9 mins:) Quite cool!
I WANT GO USS ONE DAY!!! To play ALL rides!!!
I know I'll get the chance to go since it is located in Singapore haha!!!

On the same day, it's also a eye-opening day for me too! I went to ZIRCA!
Ytd, it's Ladies night! So there's free drinks! (they actually gave 5 coupons to me!) LOL!!!
Luckily, they did not stop me from entering because of my slippers HAHA!!
Ordered Vodka with cranberry juice...First sip is like: Hmmmm....it's bitter!
but after mixing, it tasted quite good for me:) haha! Sadly we stayed there for only about 45 minutes..because we're rushing for the last bus. HAHA!
The speakers inside there were so LOUD!!! My ears are going to burst!!!
Ye..I finally got to experience the night life in Singapore..everything seemed so NEW & WOW to me!
After seeing the oufit of the people (especially ladies) there, I'm really felt that I'm a nerd. HAHA!
Gonna go there again!:) (not with slippers but at least with covered shoes. haha!)

A wonderful wednesday!:) excluding working. haha!

Oh! Came across this video clip..it's really lame & funny!
Of course, I heard of BIG BANG. BUT.........................................PIGBANG??!!
Have you heard of PIGBANG??!! A new band??!!
Check it out!


All their hairstyle are totally different from Big Bang! No feel at all. Totally no link. Except for the background music.
The guy posed as 'Seungri' is the most funny with that hairstyle!*FAINTS*

What I can say is that the editing helped a lot. HAHA!

P.s: Wanted to attend a seminar--Be your own boss..haha! But held on friday! Some more is at 2 to 5pm!=.='''

Oh yeah! Graduation next next wed--25 May! All of a sudden, I felt excited! So HIGH!
Misses Poly life!:(
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2011/04/294:26 PM
I think the word 'Weird' can be used to descibe me today.

Have you heard of anyone can't eat properly because maybe he or she sprain had sprain his/her neck?? Well...I'm now having this problem..........! It's really painful when I'm eating:(

I remembered I also had this problem 2 years ago, when I'm leaving for Hong Kong!
I just can't figure out what is the cause of this problem. My bro said maybe of my inaccurate sleeping posure or I accidentally sprained my neck while sleeping. LOL!

I just prayed that my neck condition will be better tomorrow. *PRAY HARD*

P.s: Why people (those who had seen it) said my fringe looked kinda weird?? Do I really look weird with my new fringe??? Sh*t!

The 'best' comment is from my beloved mama. She directly said: 哇,不好看leh. *No comment*
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'Miracle' happens
2011/04/283:33 PM
Starting my very first full time job on next tuesday & this is what I need to tell myself. haha! :)

well...today, I went for a jog in the morning! Amazing??!! Yup, I'm amazed by myself too. haha!

Seriously, it's tiring. Especially I had not been been excerising since....I even forgot how long already! haha! Hope this good habit can lasts keke!:)

Macaroons! Macaroons! Macaroons! Totally loves:)

Guess how many macaroons are there?

There are 21 of them!

A perfect 21st birthday gift:) haha.

Got a haircut today. Definitely felt less 'burdened'. haha!
Bye bye, my long fringe! Hello, my bang fringe!:)
I can save on my shampoo today le! haha!

Bon voyage, dodo! Have fun!:)
Watch out, Melbourne! Here come dodo! haha!
oh ya! thank dodo for congratulating her faithful reader (ME!) keke:)

P.s: oh ya! I've been seeing lots of pretty pictures (esp. food!) :) & some are very inspiring & meaningful:)
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2011/04/231:26 PM
FINALLY I'VE GOT A JOB! haha! somemore the job scope is related to my course..really did not expect i could find a lab technician job as my first full-time job, since the job is damn hard to find and sometimes, they need experienced people..although the pay is not under my expected range, it's still worth trying since I really nothing to do for about 2 months?! (although i work for 3 days-admin job) haha!! U never try, U never know! I believed I would learn something new over there=) Fighting!!! All the best to me bah!^^ oh ya! have to go down for a medical check up before I could actually start to work (since it's a food company).

FINALLY GOT TO MEET UP WITH...DODO! on thur !(the longest i've not meet up with, amongst the ppl I met up on thur hahaaa!!) && also QQ! (her 'sponge' still remain the same haha!!) & not forgetting mushroom & ah orh!!! (met them on mon) thank ah orh for the caramel milk tea & home-made cookies!:) nicee! I felt so full after eating Astons for the very first time, I think I chatted & laughed too much liao haha! Thank dodo for the soverneir she brought from HK!! so cute!!:) & passionfruit ai yu made by ah orh!:) haha!!!
The time we spent is so short:( time just flew away:( next time must meet earlier!:) haha!

Ah orh brought polaroid & Iphone! wow! rich sia! haha! I wanted to buy polariod for so long liao..hopefully I could own one real soon? haha! QQ finally got her NEW phone! HTC Incredible! say byebye to her 'toy' phone! haha!! it's NICE!!:) && maybe I should upgrade myself...a touch-screen phone! hehe!! (i was wondering if I should get a Android phone or a Iphone ) since both of them like quite good..haha! but all these is still not possible at the moment, cos currently i'm on a tight budget haha!

really hope to meet up again REAL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Together with jiao shou & yuzhen!!!!!!!!:)

Also got to meet up with doink on last sat! the hong kong cafe's food quite nice! (oops! i forgot the restaurant name liao) the legging is sold so cheap at bugis street! $6! doink intend to buy stocking & in the end, she brought quite a number of stuffs LOl! she still said she wanted to save money for bruce! aiyoyo~! haha!

P.s: I want to buy covered shoes! maybe 2 pairs?? haha!
The tickets sold for this year K-pop concert is so EX! $318! still haven include GST yet!==
cheapest is sold at $118! haix! but i want to see ji yong-GD!! & hear BIG BANG'S LIVE singing!!!2NE1 too!:) Shall decide after seeing the floor plan first haha!

Currently watching korean drama-->Secret Garden! Totally in love with this drama!:)
(but sometimes, I'll think of Big Bang's acting while watching the drama ..i think this is the effect of watching the Big Bang's version first bah hahahahaha!!!!)
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2011/03/294:39 PM
oh well...i'm still a 无业游民. hopefully i can settle down with a stable job REAL soon *Pray*. as you know, NO JOB= Loads of FREE time. haha! so recently, i'm addicted....................................... (Ans: watching 'FUNNY' videos) by WHO???!!! (Ans: Big Bang) They are really funny! (even though sometimes, they are only talking)..they just have that '笑点' keke!!! And I started to listen to their songs..is catchy, high, nice but some unsuitable to listen when you are to sleep haha! I especially like the song 'Haru Haru' created by G-Dragon. Really nice song & dance^^ The funniest thing is that initially, I even thought that Big Bang members are all very old liao (Oops?!) but i'm so wrong..they are only 2 years older than me?! haha! (is probably I had not known them since I'm still a 'IT-idiot' when they debuted). O.M.G! I think I finally know the reason why Ji-yong (aka. G-Dragon) is always topp-ed the popularity chart. Because he's good. HAHA! (he's even a producer..WOW!) although he has the 'bad boy' style, at the same time, he's courteous (always 90-degree bow when greeting). I think I really admired him because of his unique combination (nice personality (smiling^^) + cool look) ^^ but....he has bad habit (Smoking! the thing that i hated the most) ==''' aiyo~aiyo~~should quit lah (smoking not good for health)* i sound like his mum*LOL! Heartbeaker, Hello~! Don't be misunderstand. These are the 2 song titles. From GD solo album. (so far, my favourite two songs from his solo ablum.) Now, I should talk about something serious. HAHA! (Take a deep breath first. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.) Actually, not really something serious..hehe. I'm just pondering if I'm really a suitable candidate for a kindergarten teacher(?!) Because, firstly, my English really su*ks! & one of the requirements is that I must obtain a B4 in 'O' Levels before I could become an officially teacher..in other words, I had to retake my 'O' level English. & had to take a 1 year diploma course. oh...maybe i should let the nature take its course? hehe! so I don't have to think too much..haha! && why there isn't a call from them??? I really going to be bored to death & soon my pockets will be empty....GOSH! OHH..Just received a graduation letter from school. There's even a information booklet, consisting dress code information & etc...& we even have to register in order to attend the graduation ceremony??! (I'm just wondering why the graduation ceremony is not made compulsory for all graduating students? since this may be the last time for some of the people). & It seemed it's really a hassle to attend the ceremony.........still have to wear formal?! can't we just wear what we are comfortable with?? (shirt with long pants?) LOL~ His 야~! is so cute. (야! =ya!= hey!) (at 7:23)

BIG BANG'S old song (2008)-Haru Haru. *Thumb up!*

p.s: what i can say is that...I HATE & LOVE internet. WTH! I spent time spacing the paragraph..& in the end, all words just came together! =.='''!
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2011/03/096:40 PM
finally.....exams are all over. But it's the end yet. Because there's more difficult task awaiting for me....which is to make a choice. I think there's no absolute answer to everything for me...no 100%..only more than 50% & less than 50%...

if a choice could make so easily..there will not be a thing called 'choosing' bah...
i have decided to find a permanent job after i graduated in May..if u ask me, is this really your finally choice??..my answer for now is, yes. I have decided to be a early childhood teacher:) haha! Don't be surprised!
I knew that it is really a different career pathway as i'm studying food science & tech in poly, but if u never tried, u never know. I hoped to try out something different since I have my passion towards it...I believe that passion is the most important^^FIGHTING!:)

jiayou for those people who still trying to make their choices!

We went Marina Barrage for our class gathering after our exams...it's really a fun day for me! I fly a kite with orh till very very high~~! hehe! although the sun is burning hot! && have a fun time playing water! I should wear slippers instead of covered shoes haha!
I realised that i have been going out since my exams ended except for mon haha! But don't know why I have this feeling that exams seemed passed long long ago & i've been slacking for quite sometime haha! maybe i have been working for my exams & suddenly nothing to do..i'm not used to being free??!!! LOL!!! perhaps bah..not sure for myself too haha!

p.s: my main aim for now, to find a temporary job till may (till i finally graduated).
$$$ faster faster come find me!:)
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EXAMS ongoing~~~
2011/02/2410:35 PM

just finished my 2nd paper-FOOD BIOTECH..what i can say is teacher do change haha!!! luckily there's no questions on feedback inhibition hehe! i think i should memorise things more carefully..memorise the details but not forgetting the main point (headings)..haha! cos i wrote the wrong ans for 1 of the question haha!

Also, i did my 1st paper-FEO on tue..it's a tiring paper i must say! do until my heart beat very fast cos time is running out fast when i'm doing that damn long leaching question!==hope the result turn out good bah=)

p.s: i like KEY's new hairstyle!=) especially his fringe!=) so cute! haha!
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it's Chinese New Year!!!^^v
2011/02/067:13 PM
it's CNY!!! Wohoo~this is the time where i can EAT lots of goodiesssssssss!!! rou gan!!!!! not forgetting Steamboat!!! haha!!!

ate a delicious korean feast at somewhere around bukit timah..recommended by jiejie=) hehe!!! really really really NICE! i must say! especially the soy garlic chicken && the Topokki!!! KIMCHI too!!! NICE~~X 10000000=) I WANT go back to eat again!!! TOPOKKI,KIMCHI & SOY GARLIC CHICKEN WAIT FOR ME AR~~~hahahaha!!!

after which, we go shop the korean shop just located somewhere around the korean restaurant.
brought caramel cappuccino, pancake ice cream!!! the ice cream is too nice liao!!! red bean!!!^^ although not cheap haha!

i'm a retard on CNY first day! i must admit....because...................................................................
this is how my retard-ness started....
when we came into my ah gong's house,
my jiejie greeted ah gong saying: Ah gong, happy chinese new year!( not sure she still got say what things..haha!)
den it's my turn..(not sure i'm too excited or not)
i greeted my ah gong saying: UNCLE, happy chinese new year! (my jiejie & mama kinda stunned by my greetings) after that, i got 'bomb-ed' by them..they kept shaking their heads=.=

can't believe i actually greeted my ah gong, UNCLE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!! damn paiseh==
forgive me, ah gong!=)
hope my retard-ness don't last too long! hahahaha!!!


last but not least, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR YOU!!!^^v

p.s: degree seemed so important................haix......................................
fighting for coming exams!!!
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FYP finally over!
2011/01/2711:42 PM
19 JAN--finally, my 'big' rock had put down haha! although i got made 'some' mistakes haha! but never mind lah..it's over liao! hehe!......den go bugis to shop for new year clothes!=)

21 JAN--went for quiz bowl party?! if i'm not wrong haha! A lot of good food!!! some more got cereal prawns leh! wow! yummy yummy! haha! had a good & hard time laughing away~! i really can't stop! that's so funny at that moment of time! && i never expected that i actually won 2nd prize in the lucky draw!!! since when i last won in a lucky draw??!! don't even remember liao! haha! some more is really 'branded' chocolates!!!=)

my didi actually won 1 SUPER JUNIOR concert ticket!!! WOw!!!
i won the tix battle (between me & my sis)! hehe!
although i had to attend the concert alone but i'm still feeling high!

p.s: what should i do after graduate????? so fan!!!
my wisdom teeth coming up????!!! NOOOOOONOOOOOO!!!
Sickening sia! i had to chew my food so slowly!=(
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shld or shld not?
2011/01/1612:18 AM
2 weeks had just passed...so fast...next wed is going to be my IMPORTANT day!!! FYP presentation! I'm so nervous even though only by thinking haha! got 5 lecturers staring at me presenting..felt like going to audition like that haha! give me 'yong qi'! hope everything went smoothly!~~~I'll give my 100% best effort! fighting!
i'll be more freeeeeee after next wed! yay!

sometimes, i really don't know if i should wish time pass faster so that assignments can ended faster & i'll be more free..but if time pass faster, means i'll be graduating soon..haix..so fan...

p.s: i'm so looking towards to graduation trip..gonna save more money!!!=)
recently, not much entertainment for me=(..no taemin in variety show=(..but there's 'dream high'! haha! quite nice show!=)

it's so irritating...i'm tired to all these..let me take a breathe..can i?
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HAPPY Birthday to ME!
2011/01/029:46 PM
2 JAN--this is the day i turned 20! sad to say i'm one step closer to become a official adult..but i believed i will become more matured since i'm 20 liao! hahaha!!!

today, went to JB with my family to go Seoul Garden for celebration of my birthday!=) but i ate nt so much cos i'm actually having slight fever..haha!!! so i tried to control myself haha!
luckily my fever recovered le but now i'm down with cough=(
although i'm having fever on the first day of 2011, which is yesterday, but i believed this year going to be a GOOD year, like what jiejie said de haha! this year going to be a good good year!~~~=)))

Not forgetting to THANK my dearest family & friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i received a lot of wishes from my dearest family & friends!!!=) nt forgetting the presents that i received too!=) && cake!!!=)
i felt so blessed..hehe!!!
XIEXIE NI MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxx100000000000000000000
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is going to be LONG LONG post! haha!=)
2010/12/226:44 PM
21 Dec--Early CHRISTMAS Celebration!^^v
meet up with ah Q, orh, dodo and jiao shou to go party world ktv to SING!!! quite cheap..got 1 drink and tibits but i like never ate the tibits at all??!! haha! me and orh actually drank the wrong beverage! haha! I ordered ice lemon tea but when i drank..it doesn't taste like ice lemon tea at all..&& at the end, is because of jiao shou..den 真相大白~~ haha!!!!

HIGH MAX when we were k-ing high songs! there are quite a lot of KOREAN POP SONGS! SHINee!!!!!!! lucifer! ring ding dong! stand by me!=))) but sadly, no 'HELLO'!=(

we kinda sang for 4 hours (?!) i suppose..haha! after tat, went for early dinner at 'central' restaurant..hmmm

my noodle nt very nice....so spicy and quite bland...

den rot at the G...cafe haha! exchanged our presents!~~~=)

& played monoploy deal=) have a fun time playing...

after which, headed home.....so tired....my eyes could hardly open==

23 Dec--Meet up with Ah Zhen!^^v
This day we walked the MOST! I felt my legs breaking liao haha! dun think that i'm old hor..just tat the distance we walked is just TOO LONG..from PS to almost taka there..den back to PS again..OH MY TIAN!
went to Novena Square for the very first time! haha! quite nice to shop..haha!
over there, there's even POPEYES! den headed to PS...to buy movie tickets for Gulliver's travels! we brought tickets for the night show-9.30pm..luckily still got bus service hehe!
The movie is damn FUNNY and NICE i must say..although the storyline quite lame and normal haha!

24 Dec--Meet up with Ah Zhen(again) & Yan Zhen=)
finally, got to meet up with yan zhen! really long time no see le..meet up for lunch..talked a lot...den i had to head to SP to get back my report draft...

28 & 29 Dec--sianx diao days!
because of..........FYP!............had to go back to do drying AGAIN but luckily this time round, we dun have to take out the pineapple to weigh for every 1 hour...& gelatine thingyyyyyyyy....

30 Dec--HIGH day!v^^v with Ah Q, DODO, ORH, Mushroom && yu zhen!!!
meet up at city hall there..&& went to eat Astons...den rot at MAC! play monopoly deal!!! NICE game!!! hehehehe! den ard 4 plus, here come dodo! haha! still scared me lor haha! thank for the presents ('hidden mickey' earrings, wallet & day and night water bottle) & HAND-MADE Cards they gave me!!! really appreciated a LOTSSSSSSS!!! xiexie many many!!!!!=) i think there's a lot of unglam & baichi pics they took for me=(..but they promised not to post in Facebk...haha!
after eating dinner, we headed to Esplanade there! really HIGH there! HAHAHAHA!
*inside joke* took a lot of picssss haha!!!!
i must say that day is really a WONDERFUL & HIGH day for me!!!! although i reached home already very late haha!

On the same day, Jiejie also brought for me early Birthday presents!!! haha!
Wallet & a shirt!!!! & she even ordered a cake for me liao!!!=) but i haven get to see the cake yet hehe!! i think those presents she gave really cost a bomb for her bah haha!!! really THANKFUL to her!!! i knew she spent quite a lot of time busily picking presents & cake for me=)
Xiexie ni jiejie!!!!^^v i really appreciated!=)

31 Dec--COUNTDOWN to 2011!=)
meet up with orh, doink, bh, ys and auntie wong to go watch fireworks!
really paiseh cos i late for almost 40 mintues?! haha! but there's ppl who even later than me hahahaha!! dine at pasta de waraku..the fried rice quite nice though a bit salty..but my fried rice took quite a long time to serve..haha! after which, we headed to Esplanade there to play monopoly deal..wait for 12 midnight...haha! my legs damn numb and pain..haha! but it's worthwhile! although the firework only lasted for only 10 minutes?! haha!
reached home really late.....ard 2.50am??!!..haha!
BYE 2010, HELLO 2011!

in about 2 more hours, i gonna say bye bye to digit '1'--19 & say hello to digit '2'--20!
i'm getting old le!20!=( but hope a brand new start for me!=) haha!

p.s: i failed to upload my pics=( but i'll try my very best to upload!haha!
school reopening real soon!!! Fighting!!! 2011!!!
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OHHH~ 2 months??!!
2010/12/143:52 PM
i just realised that it had been 2 months since i last wrote on my blog! wow! that showed how fast times passed..haiyoyo..time wait for noone.........

finally finished with MSTsss! but it's not over yet...
more to come.....Killer FYP, DATASHEET, ASSIGNMENTS!
&& holidays is like only about 3 weeks long?!!?!
but i still in the mood of slacking haha!

i gonna concentrate and faster finish with all my work! Fighting!
ohhh..suddenly i remembered i actually fell sick during the MST week! wow! haha! luckily recovered quite fast hehe!

p.s: more blog posts to come..i hope so..hahahahahaha~!^^

chirstmas is coming! Knock knock! JIngle BELL JinglE bell Jingle ALL THE WAY~~~~~~

SHINEE says: Merry chirstmas!!!^^
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A DAY out with 제일 친한 친구! PEI Zhen!~~v^^v
2010/10/105:02 PM
HAHA! zhen's face! i looked like ' stop breathing'



sMILE ^^!

Ever since holidays started, I had been busying with either FYP(==''') or work (for $$). If i'm not wrong, there are only 2 to 3 days I spent my whole day at home! WOW! Am I really that busy(?!) I really missed the time outing with friends and time whereby I could 'rot' the whole day at home haha! but school reopening soon~~~

I forget which day I went back to my workplace to collect pay with orh, doink, px, jiao shou & bh & after which, met up with Ah Q & DoDo for the LONG-AWAITED Japanese buffet at Bugis junction! I'm really satisfied ! There's quite a lot of choices..lazy to list all of them...haha! all is quite nice except the mousse is really 'yuck' especially the green tea one..then we walk here & there for at least 20 mins bah..finally walked to esplanade haha! Talk here & there..then back home!haha!

One sunday( i think is last sunday, haha!, short-term memory ON again~haix)
went to the career fair at suntec city, there's quite a lot of job opportunites offered..
what I found quite attractive was that, being a childcare teacher (need to attend 1 year course where 3 days study & 2 days work and 1 year bond) or further study baking course at sun-rise(but the course fee is quite steep). Maybe i should really spent time to think about it..haha!

Oh ya! Got back my semester result! This time i finally see 'colours'!~keke~
what surprised myself was that, i actullay improved A LOT!^^hohohooho~~~~

ohhhh.......sometimes, it's quite disadvantageous to be part of the minority group=(
i don't understand why the pen need to tie at the right side...& the problem was that I'm a left-hander...i need to exert more force in order to sign on the attendance list=='''
On top of that, I'm not sure if it was my own problem or being a left-hander's problem...
Initially, I was asked to go & paste sitcker on top of the cover..then 2 aunties standing beside me..watching me pasting the stickers & eventually 1 auntie spoke up to another auntie in hokkien, saying that: my body looked kinda weird when pasting the stickers ...then the person-in-charge asked me to go and paste the sticker and this time, pasting the sticker on top of the manual....however, this time failed again~~

I was asked to scan barcodes...this time, everything went smoothly & OK...finally~~~!
well......I supposed I only suitable for scanning barcodes.....

sometimes, 缘分 is a magical thing~~~
& i believed...
I got to know a new friend from my last workplace..&& she is from TP and only 17! I feel old haha! the thing was that she studied the same course as me!wow! Year 1 junior! and this is the first time, I exchanged number with a person who I only talked for merely 20 minutes.....
we can really like clinqued well together~! haha!

yesterday, went out with babe zhen!!!!! finally, we met up! MISS her LOTSSSSS! We haven see each other for at least 4 to 5 months bah...=(..had an enjoyable day with her at the Discovery centre! her attachment company's family day....there's buffet, 3D show to watch ( is really boring to me and i even slept! haha!), popcorn, cotton candy, sushi, dim sun, ice cream.........
sad to say that, i forgot the bring along my camera.....but ah zhen did! keke~~we made use of all the batteries energy to capture as many photos as possible..haha! so fun exploring the discovery centre!=)
REALLY treasured our 8 years friendship!^^v
I know this friendship will last forever because of you, my best best best friend...
ah zhen!(pei zhen!)

My heart sank when i heard of ah zhen papa's health condition.....he is such a NICE, CARING & GENEROUS person!!! it's just too unfair that he diagnosised with this illness..haix...sometimes, life is just filled with uncertainty and unfairness........GET WELL SOON UNCLE!!!!!~~~~**PRAY HARD FOR EVERYTHING TO GO WELL & SMOOTH FOR HIM**BE STRONG!

UNCLE & AH ZHEN fighting!!!加油!!!

P.S: SHINee's HELLO keep me going & brighten my day!!! HELLO HELLO!!! Taemin!!!

it's FYP's time again....................tmr........................HAIX
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it's finally OVER!
2010/09/1610:03 PM
OHHHHHH!! it had been a while since i last blogg-ed..haha! over the past few weeks, is all about study, study and study...it's really a sianx-diao period..and finally, today it ended.=) had been mugging hard for the exams although sometimes do slack a bit, watching videos haha! and hopefully i will get to see 'colourful' results haha!

yesterday, it's unni's BIG day! Her 21st birthday! WOW! time do flies..
we went to raffles hotel's restaurant to eat HIGH-TEA buffet at level 72!! the view is totally 'oh my tian'! damn nice! the cars on the roads looked like those toy cars..really mini haha! there's a lot of nice stuffs..i especially love the kueh! chewy!! and soft!=)
i hope unni do have her good time eating~~=) although my pocket do have a BIG jole..haha!
her birthday cake is also damn nice de lor..but the choco taste a bit too strong liao..but very unique=)


p.s:taemin just changed his hairstyle!!!
he became a little boy again~haha!

but still prefer him with the gold silky 
hair hehe!
i want see him soon! but can i???
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2010/07/2412:01 AM
finally, SHINee is BACK on stage again with their NEW song- Lucifer!! it's again addictive..haha! e other songs not really nice to me but i find song like: Life, up & down quite nice!=)
SHINee fighting!!!^^
this shall be my shorest post..haha!


p.s: when can i go watch movies??? bizzzzzzzzz~~
tests coming up~~ZZZzzz
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SHINee gonna be back!
2010/07/176:54 PM

SHINee! 19 JULY 2010!
kinda shocked by their NEW look! still nt used to their cool look yet..haha!
but really looking forward to their new songs!!^^

Slow Motion by Kwon!=) *thrumb UP*
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it'S 2AM time!!!!
2010/07/1111:10 AM

i can't stop laughing when i saw this pic..HAHAHAHA!they smile so broadly!=D
JOKWON leaving~~manage to capture this only pic

it's K POP TIME!!

2AM in the house!YO! ytd went to 2AM showcase @ IMM..reached there at around 8 when the event only started at 5.30pm..haha! however, there's a lot of people le! but i waited quite comfortably leh..cos it's windy~~~=)hmm..they are late for ard 30 mins..&& they sang a total of 4 songs!!!=))))the first song sang is: This song, next is: can't let you go, third is: confessions of a friend, && last is: I did wrong! they sang really well! but sad to say..the first song i din really get to hear very clearly but overall i think ytd the fans are very nice cos most of them kept quiet when 2AM are singing except for the first song..i think maybe all of us are too excited when first saw them..haha! && they did something 'special' for Singapore fans!
but sadly, i din win the 'autograph' pass to get on the stage to see them more clearly=(..they are friendly!i could see all their teeths=)keke!
a picture tells a thousand words...=)
sad to say..the picture quality not very good=(

*JOKWON*!never fail to make me laugh=)
He is cute when he smiles
He is serious when he sings
He is focused when he had to do something
He is cool when he dances

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2010/07/0811:12 PM
Brownie! bake by me and doink=)

hihi ppl!!! i'm blogging again! i finally went to Resort World! there's free shuttle bus service at je interchange there=)..initially, i was very lazy to go for the performance--Voyage de la vie @ resort world but jie alr help me to get e tix le && i heard from her that e performance is nice so...finally i went for it=)..& me and family were late && e uncle don't allow us to go in..=.=
cos he said 'for dunno what reason' & if we go in will affect e performance..waited for about 15 to 20 mins...den finally can go in..sad to say..i missed some parts of the performance=(

i wanna go UNIVERSAL STUDIO!~~*hai* still waiting for the day to come..HAHA!=)

on MOn, i did baking! baked brownie! wohoo! me and doink came up with our own recipe and turned out to be quite nice lah..hehe!=)

oh yup! i was impressed with myself as can u imagine that i'm actually taking NAFA test??? haha! && somemore i aimed for a silver...haha! got the clamper pouch lor..haha!
till now, i excerised for 3 days le!started from tue.. despite my muscle ache haha! wow!
but i gt some bruises..very pain!=(..&& today i'm again suay..i fell again! paiseh sia..
i think my legs are trying to be 'funny' haha!

& oh ya! on tue, we gave orh a surprise! we tricked her..hehe! the plan is difficult to say here..long long story ar..e cake is a bit too 'chocolate' liao..my throat is damn dry after eating..&& while waiting for tomato to finish her fyp..me and orh went to play bowling!=) it's really fun & we played total of 3 games for $6=) NICEEE!


P.S: i gonna train my 2.4km run & standing board jump!!! Fighting!=)

i think i gonna broke really SOON cos i want to watch 'Toy Story 3', Eclipse, The Blood Pledge, despricable me..WOW!$$$ come to me ar!
shall load the rest of e pics next time=) cos i want to slp.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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school starting soon!
2010/06/257:08 PM
yoyo everyone! i'm back again! *finally* haha! i'm glad that i'm not sick=)..though my throat is pain =X..but i'm feeling better nw=)
i just remembered that since i'm back to Singapore, i had been to orchard to orchard for 5 or 6 times(??!!)..haha! i went there more than i expected..haha! ok what i wanna say was that: i'm sick of orchard liao..haha! && so far, watched 2 movies! killers & the karate kid! KARATE KID= NICE!!!! && more movies coming up! *Excited* OH YESss! going to watch toy story 3 on SUN! wohoo!! more more coming like eclipse...i had a sudden urge to watch..(should i watch 'the blood pledge'?) haha! but it's like scary leh! haha!

oh ya! start on our fyp le..but it's like all about cutting pineapple and waiting for pineapple to dry??? haha! it's really boring..i think next time, i gonna get myself some entertainment..hehe! i really hope that our fyp is something that can be eaten at the end of the day de haha! like baking cookies and cake?? WOW!=D but not for ours..=(

SCHOOL start on mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~
aSSIGNMENTS & presentaionsssss& reportsssssssssss=(
but i want to eat foodcourt 2 fish soup noodles!=)

can't really remember what i wanted to blog liao.....HAHA!

p.s: strange??why i got a sudden urge to bake like cookies, chocolate cupcake when i'm down with sorethroat???maybe i'm just a random person bah..........
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2010/06/122:36 PM
yoyo everybody! i'm back to SINGAPORE!!! && i'm here blogging again!!dun be surprise..haha! i think it gonna be a long post so please dun fall asleep..it's intersting de wor..haha!dun believe..just continue reading..
in one early morning..i forgot when..is fri..we had a one day Dalian city tour & firstly we headed to 自然博物馆, there's lot of sea animals like whale and there's even dinosaurs!..almost 90% of these animals are made of the real animals skin..the seaview over there is damn nice..the water like 'bling-bling' de..haha!
after which, we went to the Modern Museum ..it's kinda boring there..only chinese painting and some antiques to see..
den to Xinghai Square..the sea is damn nice! weather is also quite good..there's a u-shaped slope..whereby we can climb up the slope..but it's quite steep..i find it fun..hehe!coming up and down=)..den it's lunch time!..there's a total of around 10 dishes bah..i dun really remember if it is nice or not liao..haha!
Hudiao Square..we went to go on 'like- surfing' thingy..damn nice!very fun!!!
Horse-riding Policewomen Trainning Base..the policewomen over there need to meet certain criteria such as they must be 175 cm & above, pretty face and etc..we visited their horse houses..there's a horse very scary..it tried to lick my head when i'm taking pic with it and it kept kicking the door..like going to dash out..haha!
东海公园..we never take the tram to experience the 'strange slope' and instead we climbed up..although we never get to experience the slope..while walking..we got to see the beautiful scenery..the sea look big and endless..it's just too fake to be real..haha!!!
绿山观景台...nothing special..haha! cos only spent like 20mins there
俄罗斯风情一条街..the buliding look a bit like russian style..i only bought myself a Astro-boy watch..haha!

other than attractions, we also visited food factories..the one that i'm most impressed is the shrimp processing company--Allied Pacific Ltd..the hygiene level there is higher than Singapore..cos we had to cover ourselves with head cover, face mask, boots, labcoats..can only see our eyes..haha!..i was damn shocked when i saw the speed of the workers cutting the shrimps..it's too amazing..they like only take 3 secs to peel the shell, take out the black black thingy of the shrimps..O_O
and we got to try their samples..it's so damn nice lah!!!!!=) but i dun really like the coconut flavour de..they also gave us some samples like original, hot & spicy, ma la..
other food factories are the yohurt, mushroom and lastly, a food company owned by a Singaporean!..we got to try out the hainan chicken rice! it's just a stick of rice!damn nice! but we din get to see the processing...only the person-in-charge explaining to us how the processes work..

we also went k box-ing at Dalian..i dun really like the place although the decor there are quite nice, cos smoking are allowed there=.='''
so thoughout the singing..i kept smelling the smoke..and somemore the songs there are not very updated..&& no korean songs=(..unlike last time in Changsha

Dalian is well-known for its seafood..so we actually went to a quite posh seafood restaurant to try try..we got to eat like sea cucumber and those quite high class seafood..quite nice=) cos can taste its freshness..i think we spent 150yuan/person..if i remember correctly..haha!
the most-visited shopping place that we went is --the wholesale! the things there are cheap..but surely must bargain!!!..but the place quite messy cos the shops are all over the place..so it's very difficult to recall back if i visit this shop or not..haha! there's a total of 6 levels..selling different stuffs at different level...&& it closed at 4.30pm..so must really go earlier or else there's really no time to do the shopping..

Korean food in Dalian..i find it quite nice..we got tried the korean food bbq..also quite nice! especially kimchi!!!really nice!also got the ginseng chicken soup=)..somemore not really ex=)
bai du..it's a bbq meat shop..damn nice too !!! especially the bacon, potatoes and swet potatoes!!! it's just too nice!!!=)))))
i gonna miss the KFC shrimp burger!!! why Singapore never sell?=(..it's really worth trying de lor!haha! KFC there are considered not very cheap..cos maybe it's a international brand bah..
&& going to miss the hairsalon at the walmart there!!! is damn cheap!!! cut and do treatment for only 35 yuan!

we also made a cake for yiting..we got to experience how the cake is being made..we got to whip the cream, squeeze the cream and put chocolate..but we din really got to surprise her cos she said she can agar-agar know our plot liao..haha!clever gal lah..haha!
we also went to the Ocean Park!!! i love the WHITE WHALE!!!!!=))) damn cute!!!!oh my tian!!
when it opened its mouth, it looked like it smiling to us..haha!there's also penguins!!also cute..swim here and there=)polar bear!!!=)so white!hehe!
there's also dolphins performance!!nice show! also got the jellyfish..birds...corals...

oh ya! i made a korean friend in Dalian!!! she is studying chinese over there, one year older than me..she just stayed above fei yong jun's unit haha! she is a nice gal=)..hope to remain contact with her!!!=)

more updates on beijing next time...

ytd went to watch movie-Killers with my jie mei men!!!=))) long time no see le!!!
i'm really happy to see them again!!!=))))and we went to newton to eat local cuisines like fried oyster, hokkien mee, bbq chicken wings, lala, stringay, carrot cake, sugar cane juice!!!niceeee!!!
i tempted to shop again=( cos there's great singapore sale and the clothes are nice!=) haha!
but gonna save for after- graudate trip=) fighting!!
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gonna leave for CHINA real soonnnnnn!~
2010/04/183:53 PM
nice mug!=)

seafood pasta and mushroom pizza!nice!

yoyo everybody!!! i going for DALIAN today!!!dun miss me..hehe! but i will miss you all !!!=) ytd, meet up wif 'as usual' class gang..haha!!got a fun time watching movie- e clash of titans..&& of cos eating @ dodo recommended--chomp chomp!!! =) nice and quite cheap food!though quite difficult to wait for the seats..we ordered big hokkien mee, lala, stringray, rice (i ate 2..oopps!), carrot cake (there's shrimp inside!wow!nice!), oyster thingy, BBQ chicken wings, satay, sugar cane juice& my fav choco beancurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe!!! REALLY ENJOYED!=)
but sadly to say, peixuan & yuzhen nv join us for chompx2 feast=(

finally finished ITP!!!!!
really happy to receive a quite special mug from huiying=)
ps: switched to new blog in order to update my dian dian di di for dearest jie mei haha!
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it's Friday! TMR!
2010/04/0811:23 PM
for this week, attached to t2 at airport..finally got work to do..but boring sia..the most 'SIANX' thingy is the damn ex & the LONG LONG bus + train journey!
most of the days, keep on doing checking..like temperature, labelling, and etc...kinda boring..haha..i know i very ma fan..got work to do, also complain, no work to do..i also complain..haha
but the best part is doing training menu! at least got something to eat! haha! it's fun too=)
really wanted to go to pei xuan's company!damn good! the thing she does there also like very fun! den somemore got donuts to eat! DAMN nice!=)..WHY i not there???
oh ya! recently, me and nisa just discovered a 'staff' canteen at the t2..actually ppl who are not staff also can go..just that there will not be any staff discount..haha!
the food is cheap & nice even though u may not get to enjoy the staff discount=)
i love those aunties, making an effort to ask me if i'm a staff or not=)
sometimes, i do 'show' my pass obviously..haha

&& OH YA!!! i forgot which day, i saw a cute-looking guy at UD..haha! he looks like an Korean!..hehe! finally caught a shuai ge..oops!=)..cos dodo always say airport a lot of hunks..LoL!..but she likes angmohs more..hehe!diff taste lah haha!

ytd midnight i think..i hit onto my sis's bed..the shitty wood thing..damn pain..i woke up & 'OUCH'-ed a bit & immediately back to sleep again & this morning, when i woke up, my knee cap there is already a bit swollen=(..hope i will not hit it again tonight!

JIe is coming back from Taiwan! Wohoo!goodies goodies goodies~~~~~=)
gotta meet her at t1 after work=)

p.s: YAY!YESSSSS!!! ITP is going to END real SOON!!! 1 more week to go!Fighting!
Hope everything went well for me!=)
LOoking forward meeting my class gang for movie & chomp2!!!=)
&& SHINee comeback!
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to me, it's just another day~
2010/03/244:59 PM
yoyo! back to blog again~..i felt nothing..dun be mistaken i'm not dead yet..just that i felt neither happy nor sad when i knew about my results..the feeling just like my results..it's neutral..haha..
But i'm glad that i could continued to stay in the course which means here i come dalian=)
got to start packing soon~~&& buy those 'need-ed ' things..$$$$$ again!=(
i got a bad dream ytd! really scary=(..hope everything went smoothly & everybody is happy=)
got to do a report for my ITP...*speechless*..min 10 pages...gotta kill me!
i suddenly missed those slacking times..haha!
shall work hard to finish it faster so that i could relax again
i recalling what's happening past few days...*in process*...
TOO much to tell...hmm..maybe i shall end here..hAha!

안녕 !^-^v
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Double S!
2010/03/146:54 PM

You may be puzzled what i meant by Double S..it's meant Surprised & Shocked! later shall elaborate..

yesterday, went down earlier to IT show to buy my PINK pink Sony camera..i'm not sure if it is a good bargain but it does give free DVD player..haha! Sad to say, the person gave me the WRONG warranty cos the model number is WRONG=.=..but it's partially my fault cos i din really checked properly..i just kept trying the battery to see if it got energy for the camera to work..haha!cos i wanted to video/ snap pics of SHINee!haha! Happy to say, it's does worked!hehe! lucky me..oopps!=)..there's gone my money but it's a long term investment..right?
i know i just trying to console myself..haha!

after buying my camera, me & orhorh went around to look for plug to charge my battery && finally we decided to go into Thai Express cos there's plug!haha! after which, i happily took out my charger & battery..&& i found out that the charger needs 3-pin plug in order to charge..me 'malu' again..never thought that i actually need 3-pin plug..haha
got 1 waitress looked at us like freak cos she directed us to a table of 2 but we went to a table of 6..haha..she kept on looking at us which i got quite irritated & we decided to order our dinner while waiting for ah Q...
the food came & we just stared at the one another & again the food...
i looked at my watch..see the time is 5.15pm.wondering if ah Q reached or not ..
tried to call her & suddenly remembered that her phone low batt so orhorh trying to sms her..hoped she will see the message & when time passed by, i asked orhorh where is the place that we actually meet ah Q and so i decided to go find ah Q...
when i was about to go down the escalator, den a hand hit me...is ah Q...
she looked pissed off &&& this is the first time i see her really pissed.................
&&& after that she CRIED!!!!! OH MY TIAN! this is the first time i actually made my friend cried????!!!!! so i tried to use my 'LAUGH' to hide my 'SHOCK-ness'..just now read ah Q's blog, i think that it's not her fault anyway so she actually no need to say sorry to me..i felt i'm should be the one to apologize to ah Q :

'' i'm SORRY to keep you waiting..& i dunno what actually happened to you before we met each other..later, i knew that you had some problems with your sis..but just wanted to tell you that it's alright to let off your emotions...though i'm shocked to see you in tears but i'm glad that you see me as a frenz who you can let out all your emotions..hope you will understand that i laughed, not because i thought that it's funny & i'm happy to see you cried, but just that i dunno what or how to console you..i'm in a shock..&& as we walked towards Thai Express, a guy looked as if i actually bullied you & you are crying..haha..hope everything went smoothly for you! stay happy always!ok? hope you enjoyed ytd's concert though i kept seeing you 'stone-ing'=) ''

ytd, the concert is a GREAT one!really! every artiste sang 'LIVE'! it's really nice to hear them singing 'LIVE'!!! JJ lin sang really nice!=) he treated his fans nice & they even perform together on stage! wow! so cool! oh ya! see xiao gui again! his outfit is nicer than the one wore on his autograph seesion..some performances are quite boring though...i'm just too HIGH to see

SHINee on stage performing 'Replay', 'JoJo' &&& 'Ring Ding Dong' LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i really envy those people in front! they can see SHINee really very clearly!..too bad, last time i din manage to buy the $65 tix=(..but i'm contented to see mini '3D' of them performing..HAHA!

Taemin is too CUTE v^-^v & COOL too ! hehe! finally see 'TAEMIN'!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe till now..haha! really HIGH when i saw Taemin smiling^-^..scream like nobody biz=)
jong hyun looked quite 'cool' cos he's not smiling at all..but i think there's always something to make a person looked or felt unhappy so i shall not jump into any conclusions=)..hopefully he's happy to be in Singapore to see us..haha!=)
Key & ONew is smiling! && Key kept on waving his hand=) his hair is cute!
minho..perhaps stone-ing..haha! din really see him cos kinda blocked by the lightning pillar(?!)

felt quite regret that i din go to IMM today to see them (cos i thought that there's should be a lot of ppl queuing to buy their album ytd) so i din go to buy their album..just watched fancam from youtube for today showcase, ALL of them looked hAPPY! they's are smiling & making korea famous 'heart' poses!=) GLAD to see that, though not in 'LIVE' ..but i believed there's always another chance to meet them again!=)

these are not took by me:
pity minho not inside..


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